Who we are

Chemo Argentina

We are part of an international group that manufactures and markets active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and finished drug forms (FDFs), with more than 35 years of experience and a team of 8,000 employees.

Our founders, Silvia Gold and Hugo Sigman, opened the first international business office in 1977, in Barcelona, as an extension of the pharmaceutical business that the Gold family held in Argentina. From Spain, they expanded to Italy, China and the USA, among other countries.

In Argentina, they established a diversified group with agribusiness, forestry and cultural projects: Grupo Insud.

Latin American focus

As an integrated health science group, we are engaged in all the links across the pharmaceutical industry, from development to marketing of medicines.
Latin America is one of our fastest growing markets, where we have established R&D centers, business offices and manufacturing facilities.